In the region of Murcia lies the port city of Cartagena with a Roman history. The city with 215,418 inhabitants on the Costa Calida attracts many tourists every year, partly due to the cruise ships that moor in one of the most important ports in Spain. The inlet of Cartagena could be well guarded from two forts. In the 20th century, the mines in the region brought a lot of wealth to the city, which is why the centre contains many modernist houses. Today, the port of Cartagena is still important for Spanish trade, tourism and as a base for the naval fleet.

The city of Cartagena was founded in 221 B.C. In 209 B.C., the Romans conquered the city and named it "Carthago Nova". A reminder of this turbulent period is the city wall with eight gates. In recent years, the city has put a lot of effort into making the city attractive to tourists, with success.

Teatro Romano

The amphitheatre of Cartagena was one of the largest amphitheatres of the Roman Empire. The oldest part was built in the 1st century B.C., the part that is still visible today around 70 A.D. and at the time offered seating to 11,000 spectators. With the fall of the Roman Empire, this amphitheatre also fell into disrepair. In the 19th century, part of it was demolished to build a bullfighting ring. Since 2007, however, archaeological research and renovations have been taking place.

Calle Mayor

Calle Mayor is Cartagena's main shopping street with numerous shops and terraces. The street starts from the port at the impressive town hall (Palacio Consistorial).

(Lift to) Castillo de la Concepción

The castle is located in Cerro de la Concepción, one of the city's five hills. It is known to Cartagena locals as the "Castillo de los Patos" and was largely built with materials from the remains of the Roman period. The castle has had various functions such as gunpowder depot and prison. Inside the castle there is an information centre and here you have a beautiful view of Cartagena. You can even reach this castle with a lift.

Barrio del Foro Romano

This is a large archaeological site in Cartagena with the remains of a Roman forum and a thermal complex. At the site, where restoration and excavation work is still in full swing, there are also two museum rooms.

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