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Reservation and rental conditions

Reservation and rental conditions

These general conditions of reservation and rental are part of the agreement between you (hereinafter called the tenant) and us (hereinafter called the landlord). With the booking, the tenant agrees to the conditions printed below and declares to have read them.

Rental period:

The rental agreement is concluded for the period indicated in the booking confirmation and invoice. On the day of arrival the tenant can enter the house from 4 p.m. onwards. On the day of departure the tenant must leave the property before 10.00 hours.

Rental price:

The rental price is calculated according to the rental period.

The specification of costs such as: rental fee, final cleaning, tourist tax and deposit, as well as the bank account numbers where payments should be made by the landlord, the tenant will find in the attached invoice and or confirmation email.

Included in the rent are always a sheet set, kitchen set, towel set. Normal use of electricity and water is also included.

If the tenant has booked specific supplements, these will be deducted from the final invoice.

Terms of payment and reservation:

Within 7 days after booking, a down payment of 20% of the total amount is to be made. After the landlord has received the deposit, the booking will be finalised. At the latest 6 weeks before arrival 60% of the total amount should be transferred to the landlord's account.
At the latest 1 week before arrival the remaining 30% including the guarantee shall be transferred on the landlords account.

If a reduction code was used, and this reduction was not directly adjusted in the calculation of the price of the initial booking, it will be mentioned on the invoice and this reduction will be settled with the remaining payment. If this balance has not been paid at least 6 weeks before arrival, the booking will be cancelled by the landlord. In this case the deposit will be considered as compensation to the landlord.

When booking between 6 weeks and more than 14 days before the stay, the amount  of 80%(full rent, deposit, final cleaning and tourist tax) must be paid within 7 days.

If the booking is made within 14 days, the payment must be made immediately to the account of the landlord. By making the (down) payment you agree with the conditions as stated in these reservation- and rent conditions.

Deposits can be made on the following accounts:
Iban BE24 7310 4837 0538 BIC/SWIFT KREDBEBB
BNP fortis BE : Codde Michaux
Iban BE47 2300 6172 7180 BIC/SWIFT GEBABEBB 
Sabadel Spain :Codde 
Iban ES87 0081 0621 6100 0229 2632 BIC/SWIFT BSABESBBXXX


A security deposit of 400€ is required. This has to be paid together with the rest of the rent.

Should the tenant find any damage to the inventory and / or equipment on arrival, the tenant must immediately report this to the landlord or to the contact person on site. Damage reported during or after the stay of the tenant will be charged to the tenant. The tenant should always immediately report any damage to the landlord or to the contact person. He will come and take the damage.

Damage and/or theft will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage is higher than the deposit compensates, the landlord will charge this to the tenant. In many cases the tenant can recover this from his travel insurance. If there is no damage and/or theft to the rented property and the inventory, the landlord will transfer the deposit to the tenant's bank account within 14 days after the rental period.

Cancellation and late payment:

BIn the event of late payment, the lessor is entitled to cancel the reserved rental period. If, for any reason whatsoever, the Hirer cannot, will not or will not accept the hired room on the agreed date, he should inform the Lessor of this immediately. A telephone communication of this should be confirmed by e-mail or by post by the lessee.

However, the tenant remains liable for the following amount:
- Refund of the advance payment for cancellation between the booking and 12 weeks before the rental period.
- 30% of the total amount for a cancellation between 12 weeks and 6 weeks before the rental period.
- 100% of the rental amount for a cancellation in the 6 weeks before the rental period. A cancellation insurance is recommended. 

Obligations of the landlord and tenant:

- The lessor is obliged to make the hired room available to the lessee in good condition on the agreed date and time.
- The rented property may not be occupied by more than the number of persons stated by the tenant when making the booking, with due regard for the maximum number of persons as stated by the lessor.
- The tenant is not allowed to (sub)let or give the rented property in whole or in part to others. He must be present himself during the rental period.
- The tenant undertakes to comply strictly and correctly with the house rules of the rented property. These can be found on the landlord's website and in the information folder in the rented property.
- Pets are not allowed in the rented property and smoking is not allowed.
- The lessee is obliged to use the rented property properly and to leave it behind in good condition, neat and tidy. The tenant will also ensure that the bins are emptied and cleaned. - The tenant is liable for damage to the rented property caused during the rental period, unless he can make a plausible case that the damage is not attributable to him, his family members or guests.

Contact person

The landlord has a contact person on the spot to whom the tenant can turn if there are problems and also for the handover on arrival or return of the keys on departure.  Therefore it is necessary to contact the contact person or us 2 days before arrival with an idea of estimated arrival. Basically, the key will be handed over on the spot at 16:00, but during the contact other times can be agreed. The phone number of the contact person will be given to the tenant personally by mail.

This contact person will also be there in case of problems.
You will find info in the TAB Contact
He will also inspect the rented property for damage and/or theft after or upon departure of the tenant. The data of this contact person can also be found in the information folder in the rented property.
An appointment will also be made for departure, where the key will be handed over to the contact person.


The key to the rented property will be handed over by the contact person.

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