Lo Pagan

Lo Pagan

Lo Pagan Murcia is a paradise located on the coast of the Region of Murcia. Nearby there is the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. It used to be an old fishing village. The small houses are still the silent witnesses of this.

In Lo Pagan, the beaches are very child-friendly. Because you have to walk in water for a long time before you get a bit of depth. The beaches are also golden. So children can build sandcastles in abundance. The beautiful sea promenade runs along them.

Because of its location on the Mediterranean and the inland lake of the Mar Menor, Lo Pagan is a place to enjoy the sea, sun and water sports all year round. There are 300 days of sunshine per year. Even in winter the climate is pleasant.

The Mar Menor or small sea is an inland sea in the province of Murcia. This inland sea is separated from the nearby Mediterranean Sea by an elongated strip of land. This strip of land is called La Manga del Mar Menor in Spanish. Because of its unique location close to the sea and the presence of wetlands, it is the perfect habitat for all kinds of migratory birds.

At the salt lakes at Lo Pagan you can always spot flamingos. But also many other species of wading birds.

Many tourists come with their cameras and binoculars to walk in the natural park nearby, which is located in the northern part. In Spanish you can find it as "Salinas de San Pedro del Pinitar".

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